OUR TEAM:The Historia team includes professionals with extensive experience in interviewing, writing, visual design, film, photography, historical and genealogical research, and website design. Most important, each member of a Historia client team knows how to tell a story.

Shelley Lee is the founder and executive creative director of Historia and also the president and creative director of Ashworth-Lee Communications, a firm she founded in 1989. She has in-depth experience in marketing and communications consulting, planning, and implementation, including corporate and brand identity, strategic messaging, communications strategy, design direction, and editorial management. Shelley also is a highly skilled writer with experience in a wide variety of writing styles and has been published extensively in consumer, business, and professional magazines. She is the co-author of a book, You Are the Product.

Shelley also founded Muse, an inspiration and creativity collaborative whose members explore passionate stories by and about artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, theologians, and other big thinkers. Shelley leads Historia teams that best meet the needs of each client.

Marv Tuttle is a consultant and strategic advisor to Historia. He was formerly CEO and executive director of the Financial Planning Association (FPA), helped establish the FPA’s National Financial Planning Support Center after 9/11, and served as the publisher and editor of FPA’s flagship publication, Journal of Financial Planning, for more than 20 years. As FPA executive director, Marv was a key contributor to the development of The History of Financial Planning, the first comprehensive overview of the development of the financial planning profession.

Historia is also proud to have Melodey Mozeley Hauch as a team member. Melodey has been a family historian since 1983, constructing family histories of all kinds, including for people buried in vandalized and neglected community cemeteries. She is currently working on an extensive project documenting family histories of former slaves who founded what became Texas City, Texas. Melodey has been recognized by the Texas State Genealogical Society with seven writing awards. She is an active member of a number of lineage and genealogical societies.

"Human beings need to tell stories... It's the quickest way we
have for transmitting useful information to other members of our species. Stories are not simply nice things to have; they are
essential survival tools."
  – Hugh MacLeod